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Spain by Bicycle

Cycling in Spain is extremely popular and cyclists take their pastime very seriously indeed. In fact, the Spanish are keen cycle fans - both on and off-road - which means that you'll be well received and find reasonable facilities. For those more serious about their sport the mountainous regions of Spain provide the perfect terrain for those interested in off road cycling.

Since cycling is a direct and enriching way of learning about people and places, bicycle tours offer an intimate, original and privileged way to discover cities, its hidden plazas, monuments, people and sights. Most visitors to Madrid spend all of their time within the limits of the Metro's Circular Line - a shame when you consider that, an hour out of the city, lies one of the most important nature areas in central Spain.

The north of Spain from Oviedo to Santiago is for most a surprising discovery: a sumptuously green, uncommonly fascinating landscape with age-old culture, delicious cuisine temptations and an ideal climate. A cycling adventure along this region will take you along small roads through lush hilly landscapes, green river valleys and the wild landscape of the Sierras. You can visit Seville and Cordoba, the metropolises of intellectual life in Moorish Andalucia. Also, you will cycle through wine regions as well, along the Mediterranean coast in Vilanova, past fortress towns, rivers and deltas, castles and lost valleys.

There are bike shops in the larger towns and parts can often be found at auto repair shops or garages. Keep in mind when cycling on major roads in a group always go in single file - never side by side - as this is dangerous and has resulted in several deaths in recent years. If you are driving a car, be prepared for cyclists around corners on bendy roads. They are often busy talking and not concentrating on keeping to their side of the road.