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It is the capital of the province of Jaen. In the last years Jaen has had a great increase of cultural tourism. Jaen is also known as the World Capital of Olive Oil, because it's the biggest producer of this liquid gold (as the locals refer to it). The urbanism of Jaen is determined by its adjustment to the hills of the Santa Catalina mountains, with steep, narrow streets, in the historical central city district. Jaén is crowned by the Moorish-style Santa Catalina cathedral.


Jaen is a city that every lover of Andalucía should visit, enjoy and, if possible, spend a good deal of time getting to know. Not only does the city have an ancient and fascinating history, but the castle that towers over its winding streets offers some of the most quintessentially Andalucian views there are to be had.


Jaen is one of the greatest producers of olive oil in the world.


Stand at a prime lookout point at the top of the Santa Catalina castle and you will look down on a charming provincial capital that drapes over hills sending streets winding up and down steep inclines. From here you'll also enjoy the towns architecture and monuments. Fields and olive groves sweep out beyond the town and as you turn to the south and southeast, the spectacular peaks of the Sierra de Jaen and Jabalcuz rise and fall in the castle's backdrop. And if you find these views too breathtaking to enjoy for only a few moments, stop in at the Parador and look out of one of the castle rooms.
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