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Girona (Gerona) has all the charm of a large city but without the crowds, a very 'human-sized' city that will leave you walking around awestruck with your eyes wide open and your mouth agape at all it has to offer, its streets, festivals, cultural activities, restaurants, tourist services and events.

Girona is a province of Spain, and is part of the Catalonia region. It lies on the eastern tip of Spain's land mass and is bordered by the provinces of Barcelona and Lleida, and the Mediterranean Sea.


The city of Girona has a rich, detailed, and dramatic history. The first inhabitants of the area were the Iberians. Then came the Romans who built a fortification there, which was named Gerunda. After having been occupied by a number of cultures, Girona finally fell under control by the Holy Roman Empire. Today, the city is a rich heritage site full of historic and cultural beauty.


Girona is one of the most varied provinces of Spain. It has the well known coastal area of the Costa Brava, that offers both sandy beaches and secluded rocky coves. It has great flat fertile plains that are ideal for rural tourism and have many campsites, cycling and walking routes. The Pyrenees are close by where you can ski and snow board all year round.

Girona has a lot to offer. There are activities for families, couples, young and old. The province is extremely varied, and the city of Girona boasts a beautiful Historic quarter that attracts many visitors. Girona makes a great destination at any time of year due to its mild climate. stromleo
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