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Valencia Region

Valencia Province

Valencia is the capital and most populous city in the Province and also the third largest city in Spain. The Valencia Province is in the central eastern Spain and divided into three provinces - Alicante, Valencia and Castellon.

Valencia Provinces

The Valencia Province is bordered by Catalonia to the north, Aragon to the north west, Castilla La Mancha to the west, Murcia to the south west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. The inland part of the territory is mountainous, with the highest peaks in the Valencia and Castellon provinces which form part of the Iberian Range. There is a very narrow coastal strip of fertile plain, and in this coastal area there is a number of wetlands and marshlands.

Valencia Region

The Valencia Province has a generally mild climate, heavily influenced by the neighbouring Mediterranean sea. However there are differences between areas, and generally further inland, especially in mountainous regions, it is cooler than next to the sea, which enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate.

Valencia Region

There are a number of important cities along the Valencian coastal strip, many of which are very tourist orientated. Some places of interest include - Alcoi, Alicante, Benidorm, Castello de la Plana, Elche, Elda, Gandia, Orihuela, Torrevieja, Valencia, Vila-real, Villena.



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