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Tarifa Beach


Some years ago Tarifa transformed itself from a strategic military fortress into a remote fishing town, and today it's taken on another personality, that of a popular tourist destination.

Each of the populations that either settled or passed by, has left its imprint. This can be seen from the traces of ancient Rome to the modern windsurfing culture. However, Tarifa's Moorish style is still predominant in its medina - old city centre.


This modern transformation, has avoided the mistakes made by many of the other seaside resorts in other parts of Spain, and has reinvented itself by blending its hotels and other accommodation facilities into their surrounding, both along its coastline and inside it's old city walls. The narrow cobbled streets, climbing jasmine and beautiful wrought-iron window bars make Tarifa's old town a charming place for a stroll. The original castellated city walls of this ancient town sit hand-in-hand with the whitewashed houses.

Tarifa Old Town

With ten kilometres of white sandy beaches, unspoiled countryside and some of the best windsurfing conditions in Europe, have made Tarifa as a real paradise for surfers. It is just 11 km across the Straits of Gibraltar (at its narrowest point), this most southern tip of Europe is where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean, and where you get spectacular views of the Rif mountains of Africa.

Tarifa has truly become known as 'the Wind Capital' of Spain for many different reasons. Its wind reliability probably tops all other resorts as it is very difficult to have two consecutive non-windy days. This makes it ideal for the windsurfing community. But there is more to this place than its wind strength. Direction is also important. Surfing beginners will appreciate how the wind will eventually push you back to the beach. The beach too has its importance. Sandy beaches make the experience much more relaxing, and for those tourists who look for rocks to lift those swells, here you will find them as well.
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