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Oviedo is the capital city of the region of Asturias in northern part of Spain. Asturias is possibly the best known of the regions often referred to as 'Green Spain' and has an often mountainous, but lush terrain and provides the visitor with some breathtaking coastal scenery as well as wonderful towns and cities.

Oviedo is the capital city of Asturias and also of the principality in which it lies. It acts as the governmental and administrative hub of the region and has a cathedral, a university and an historic district in its old town. Oviedo is quite an industrial city, but once into the centre, there is much to see and do and the city has the mountain ranges of the Monte Naranco and the Picos de Europa, both are within easy Travelling distance. The inner town area boasts a large park, an extensive museum and plenty of shopping in and around the old quarter.


The obvious tourist appeal of Oviedo is its old quarter, but visitors should not leave this city without first seeing its newer districts. Fortunately Oviedo is largely pedestrianised and offers excellent shopping and eating in a city designed for people rather than cars.

Legend has it that that two monks, Maximo and Fromestanus, founded the city in 761. That settlement was soon to be completed with the construction of a small church dedicated to Saint Vincent. However, there are traces of occupation since the first century, back in the Roman times.

Oviedo Old Town

Today, Oviedo's historic quarter makes strolling in Oviedo a pleasure. From the University to the Cathedral, or from the palace of the Marquis of San Felix to the Camposagrado, where you will find the walk littered with statues which have been placed on the pavements on sites of historic importance. Take a rest in one of many large and small squares littered with chigres (cider bars).

When it comes to nightlife, Oviedo is far from quiet. In addition to its 'sidrerias' it has many bars and clubs, and a large theatre. It is a city not dependant upon tourism and it retains its atmosphere and activity level all year round. For most tourists a walk around the old town, something to eat and the experience of sidra makes a good night time experience and this usually extends well into the early hours.

In keeping with its status as a capital city, Oviedo has a lot to offer and, aside from galleries and museums, one of its more discerning attractions is the wine route known as "la ruta de los vinos".

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