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The Navarra Province (Navarre) is in the north of Spain bordering the Pyrenees mountain range. To the north-west is the Basque Province, to the south west, the Province of La Rioja, to the east and south, the Province of Aragon and to the north it has a border with France.

Despite its relatively small size, the Navarra Region features stark contrasts in geography, from the Pyrenees mountain range that dominates the territory to the north, to the plains of the Ebro river valley in the south.


The population of the Province is fairly small, with one-third living in the Pamplona.

The climate of Navarra mixes the influences from the Pyrenees mountains and Ebro river valley, creating a great difference between the climates of the north, much more humid and with frequent rainfall, and of the south which has a much more Mediterranean climate, with higher temperatures.


Navarra has a beautiful impressive landscape, perfect for rural tourism and sports such as horse riding, fishing, skiing and golf. There are also a few hunting reserves. The province has a rich heritage and there are many different historical sites to visit. Probably the most famous and most interesting sites are along the Camino de Santiago (Way of St.James) pilgrimage route.

Some of the interesting places in the Navarra Province include - Carcastillo, Estella, Javier, Olite, Puente la Reina, Roncesvalles, Sanguesa, Tudela, Valle del Roncal, Valle del Baztan, Valle del asoa, Ujue, Yesa.

Pamplona Bull Run

The Province's capital, Pamplona, is normally a quiet and pleasant city, except when the world-famous ' Running of Bulls' takes place, which is part of its most famous festival 'Sanfermines' in July.


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