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La Rioja

La Rioja

La Rioja (until 1980 called Logroño) is a Spanish Province in the north of the country. The capital of La Rioja is Logroño. The Province is bordered by the regions of Basque, Navarre, Aragon and Castilla Leon. The rivers Ebro and Oja flow through this Province.

The climate in La Rioja is mainly Mediterranean climate, with an average temperature range from 11° - 31°. This Province is known for the wind called Cierzo, which is very frequent during the winter.


La Rioja is the smallest of Spain's Regions with the population concentrated in the irrigated farmland, producing grapes, cereals, and horticultural produce, along the Ebro River and its tributaries.

The La Rioja Province is particularly known for its production of Rioja wines, the upper Rioja producing some of Spain’s finest red wines. The vineyards of the lower Rioja are noted for their slightly sweet red table wine. Haro is the centre of wine production, and a well-known event is its annual 'battle of the wine'.

La Rioja Vineyards

La Rioja is an ideal place for rural tourism, and if you like hunting, fishing, climbing or hiking, it is certainly a Province to take into consideration.

Some places worth visiting in the La Rioja Province are - Calahorra, Arnedo, San Millan de la Cogolla, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, and the capital Logroño.

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