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Looking for a job is never an easy or pleasant task. Here is a list of some Employment Agencies in Spain which may be able to help. Daily newspapers, weekly magazines and ads on this site may also list available job positions. In the recent recession, jobs have become even harder to find, and Spain is no exception, with at the time of writing is around 25% unemployment and nearly 50% in the case of young people. These are currently the highest unemployment rate in the European Union. Many Spanish are leaving the country in there 10's of thousands to seek work elsewhere. 

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In recent years there had been a flood of immigrants coming to Spain looking for jobs. Many found work in the agricultural sector, but this has only been seasonal work and most have had to return to their home countries. Those coming to Spain now with good qualifications have generally been welcomed, as there is currently a shortage of skilled and professional labour.


For those thinking of coming to Spain to seek work, be prepared and have any paper qualifications, translated into Spanish and officially stamped, usually by a Consulate or Embassy in Spain, or by an appropriate governmental office in the job seekers home country. Any job seeker must also be prepared to cope with the overwhelming Spanish bureaucracy, and if you can't speak Spanish, your chances of finding a job are very slim indeed, with probably the only chance being in the service industries (hotels, bars, etc.) along the coastal areas where there are English speaking holiday makers are in big numbers.

If you are thinking of coming to Spain for a job, think hard about the current situation and if necessary consider another country.