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Weddings in Spain

Spain is a predominantly Catholic in religion, so most weddings will be conducted in a Catholic church. However there are other ceremonies and locations available.

Catholic Weddings in Spain
It is not necessary to live in Spain to have a Catholic Wedding in the country, however one partner must be catholic. The paperwork required in setting up a Catholic wedding is quite time consuming to complete, and as it is in Spanish, you may need to get a translation of it before entering the required details. The documentation takes some time to process so you have to start early. You need copies of your baptism, passport and birth certificates, and these will be sent by you and your church to the Archbishops who approve the wedding. A Catholic church wedding can be an incredibly long ceremony, so be prepared.

Civil Weddings in Spain
This is a legal non religious Marriage ceremony, which requires at least one of the couple to be registered as living at an address (or addresses) in Spain for a minimum of 2 years. Same sex couples are also eligible for this type of Wedding in Spain.

The documentation has to be submitted to the Town Hall well before the date you would like the ceremony. Both partners need to produce passports, and birth certificates. Some local town hall registrars can marry outside of their town halls, ie. beaches, hotel, restaurant, castle, etc., but this depends very much on the local registrar


Wedding Blessings in Spain
If you are not Catholic, or are not registered at an address in Spain as required for a Civil Wedding, then an alternative is to have a Wedding Blessing ceremony in Spain, after a legal wedding or Civil Partnership elsewhere - normally at the couples local registry office in their country of origin, or country of residence.Most couples keep this type of ceremony very low key in their home country and then come to Spain for a wedding blessing. The blessing (or alternative) can be held in the church of the couples choosing, such as Church of England, etc., and this should be arranged with the church of the required denomination in your area of Spain. A blessing can be just like a real wedding, with you exchanging vows and rings, and signing a Register. This can also be held in a Hotel, Villa, on a beach, or many other superb locations.

Renewal of Vows in Spain
It can be very romantic to have your wedding all over again! For that special anniversary or to show your continuing love together to have a beautiful and memorable day in a great choice of venues - even in your holiday Villa.

Commitment Ceremonies in Spain
This is held before you are legally married elsewhere, or just to show that you commit to each other in front of family and friends. The occasion can be so romantic and very special in the sunshine.



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