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Extremadura (Estremaura) is a Province on the western side of Spain, with Merida as the capital city. To the north this Province borders Castilla Leon, to the south it borders Andalucia, to the east Castilla La Mancha and to the west it has a border with Portugal. Extremadura is often described as one of the last-remaining unspoiled regions of Spain.

In the north of Extremadura rise the mountains of the 'Sistema Central', where they reach an altitude of 2401m, and 'Sierra de Gata' which separates Extremadura from Castilla Leon. In the centre of Extremadura are the 'Sierra de las Villuercas' and To the south is the 'Sierra Morena' range, which separate Extremadura from Andalucia.


The climate of Extremadura is Mediterranean, except to the north where it is more continental, and to the west, where the influence of the Atlantic makes the climate milder. Generally Extremadura is characterized by it's very hot and dry summers, with considerable droughts and long and mild winters due to the oceanic influence, being closer to the Atlantic coast of Portugal. During the summer the average temperature in July is usually more than 26°, and can reach 40°. The winters tend to be mild with the lower temperatures averaging 7 °, but considerably colder in the mountain ranges.


Extremadura is made up of two Provinces - Caceres and Badajoz.

Extremadura is an unspoiled land of lush forests, majestic mountains and vast agricultural plains dotted with towns and hamlets seemingly frozen in time. With its wealth of World Heritage sites and protected nature reserves teeming with wildlife, Extremadura is a place which welcomes those interested in history, explorers and the curious wanderers determined to dig deeper into Spain, rather than just along the coastal strip.


Evidence of Extremadura’s turbulent past oozes from the walls of countless castles, palaces, medieval monuments and awesome aqueducts which have survived the centuries.

Places of interest in Extremadura include - Badajoz, Caceres, Guadalupe, Plasencia, Merida, Trujillo.

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