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Coruña / A Coruña / La Coruña

Although the traditional form of spelling Coruna can still be found, 'A Coruña' and 'La Coruña' is still widespread, but more often it is now shortened, probably for convenience, to 'Coruña'.

Coruña is situated in the north west corner of Spain in the Galician region. Most of the city is built on a peninsular, one side of which is a great beach, while the other side in more industrial, in particular shipbuilding and a yachting marina. There are a number of other beaches close by, making the whole area a great attraction for tourists.

As a tourist destination it is becoming much more popular with over 60 cruise ships calling at it's port each year. However because of it's position facing the Atlantic ocean, the autumn and winter months are often unsettled and unpredictable with strong winds and abundant rainfall. This makes Coruña a place to visit mostly in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, with a comfortable Summer average temperature of about 20c, while the Winter months the average is nearer 11c.


Coruña has a promenade that skirts the entire city, the longest in Europe, measuring about 10 kilometers in total, some of this directly behind the curved beach. There is also a tram and a bike path that runs alongside most of the promenade. Visitors can enjoy a cultural tour which includes several museums, such as 'The House of Man' and 'La Casa de los Peces' (Aquarium Finisterrae) and also visiting the 'Castle of San Antón', containing the city's archaeological museum, and the 'Tower of Hercules'.


The city also has a busy social scene at night, especially in the summer months. Most bars and clubs are on Calle Orzan, which runs directly parallel to Paseo Maritimo (yacht marina) on the beach side. Like other parts of Spain, most clubs do not open until 11 pm at the earliest and do not close until maybe three or four in the morning. Another popular destination, for the more youthful crowd, is Los Jardines (The Gardens), which is a park at the beginning of Calle Real and El Puerto mall. If you want to venture away from your hotel to eat, there are plenty of restaurants in town to choose from, some with an international reputation.

For those holiday makers hiring a car, there is a wealth of interesting town and smaller resorts within just 70 km either north or south of Coruña. Ideal for when it is not ideal beach weather. This area has plenty to see and do and can easily fill a normal holiday break.

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